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DRI International certifies individuals and provides various levels of active professional certification in a number of areas. 

Why choose Disaster Recovery Institute certification?

Disaster Recovery Institute certifications are globally accepted and recognized. They combine the achievement of passing an exam with credit for your work and educational experience, giving you the credibility you need to move ahead in your career. DRI Kenya certifies individuals and provides various levels of active professional certification in a number of areas. Our certifications are the standards of excellence in business continuity management whether you are a practitioner, vendor, or auditor. 

Certifications acknowledge an individual's effort to achieve a professional level of competency in the industry. While individuals' motives may vary, there are numerous reasons for seeking certification including personal and professional satisfaction, employer recognition and financial gain.

Today is the perfect time to advance your level of certification

Studies show that advanced certification leads to greater career flexibility, greater income and better job satisfaction. So, don't delay, call DRI Kenya and apply today. If you have any questions about upgrading or want to discuss upgrading your team through corporate training,  visit web-site. 


Certification is a two-part process; verification of knowledge and confirmation of experience. 


Step 1:


Professional Certification Qualifications

Professional Certification is a vital Option for Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Professionals

Why is it important for you to qualify?

Certification demonstrates to your employer, potential employers and  colleagues that you keep pace with leading thinking and practices in  your field. 

Your employer can look forward to the many benefits of  having a motivated, knowledgeable professional on staff. Potential  employers will know that you possess a minimum level of knowledge and  experience based on your certification designation. Your colleagues gain  through the positive example of your investment in training. And  society gains, because qualification strengthens your work contribution.

Qualification Requirements

You can achieve professional certification through DRI KENYA programs and coursework. Each designation meets specific criteria:

  • Associate Business Continuity Professional (ABCP): This  designation is reserved for those who have demonstrated their knowledge  of continuity management by achieving a pass score on the Standard  Qualification examination. There is no experience requirement for this  level of certification.
  • Certified Functional Continuity Professional (CFCP): This  designation is reserved for those who have achieved a pass score on the  Standard Qualification examination and can prove through references and  a written submission a minimum of 2 years experience in 3 of the 10  Professional Practices.
  • Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP): This  designation is reserved for those who have achieved a pass score on the  Standard Qualification examination and can prove through references and  a written submission a minimum of 2 years experience in 5 of the 10  Professional Practices.

After successfully completing the CFCP, CBCP, CHPCP  program  and receiving this designation, you must re-certify every 2 years.

Associated Fees

  • $1750 to receive in class face to face training take an examination for the first time, and for certification Processing
  • $400 to process a CBCP, CFCP or CHPCP application
  • $200 to process an ABCP and BCP 501 application

If you take the basic education curriculum, there is no charge for an examination and certification fee.

Step 2: Get Started Now

First -Ever Face to face Training in East Africa

For a DRI International certification, an application may be required to confirm the experience of a candidate. 

Please call subscribe at DRI Kenya : or call us at +254 742 797 664 or send us an e-mail at today for more information and someone will guide you on the next steps. 

DRI Kenya has partnered with SOLIDROCK CYBERSOLUTIONS LTD to bring you this future-ready education and  training, which is being taught here in Africa for the first time ever. Take advantage and register for your and businesses resilience and disaster and Emergency Response management training and certification. For businesses, County and national government ministries consider registering a Disaster management team for Disaster Recovery Institute International  gold standard training. Register now at Individual IT security trainers and especially those working in the newly- formed  County governments are encouraged to register. This training and certification will help you develop, implement and audit Business Continuity  and Disaster and Emergency Response Management  from bottom up in your organization with ease and pride.


First-ever face to face training by an International and DRI International Approved  Instructor, with over twenty years' experience takes place  on July 9th - 13th, 2018 ABCP Training in Nairobi, Kenya. We have limited sits and the courses registration (BCLE 2000 and BCP-501) are filling in fast. Register Now!

This is  FIRST-EVER  face to face training for East, South and Central Africa's professionals will benefit the first students who will engage in a real life practical disaster and business resiliency methodologies shared by experienced DRII professionals in areas including  IT, Military,  Education, and world class organization. 

Do not hesitate to call, send us an email or subscribe for free information on what you may care to know about this  new area of needed education that has eluded us for years. Call: +254722217710 or e-mail: or send a WhatsApp : +254742797664

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What is Business Continuity Management?

Business Continuity Management is defined as a:
Holistic management process that identifies potential threats to an organization and the impacts to business operations those threats, if realized, might cause, and which provides a framework for building organizational resilience with the capability of an effective response that safeguards the interests of its key stakeholders, reputation, brand and value-creating activities. (International Glossary for Resiliency)

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